He actually wanted to go on a date! 

I was too excited to pretend that I wasn’t excited but I was scared. I saw myself actually falling for this man but what was his angle?

What was his reason for wanting even a date? He was getting pussy and then some, he didn’t have to pretend that he wanted more of my company.  Whatever the reason I said to myself it was a free meal and free drinks. While I was in mid thought my phone rang. 

“So how does a home cooked meal sound?” James asked.  

“Ummm. Okay I guess. Who’s cooking again?” I asked wondering if this man was about to make me cook my own food on this date. 

He laughed. “No MJ. You’re not cooking. Please get ready tonight for 7pm.”

I hung up with a smile on my face but then I dropped my phone running off into my room trying to figure out what the fuck I should wear. I had a lot to think about being that he owned a motorcycle and it was a bit chilly. 

I went with something sexy, showing off my shoulders, exposing my tattoos but something long so that I don’t freeze my ass off on the back of his bike. He didnt disappoint, just like my damn period he was at my door on time, 7pm. I didn’t hesitate to pick up my jacket and hustle to the door, I was mad excited to see this side of James. Thanks to the summer night breeze I inhaled him even before I saw him. His cologne was strong as he was but not too sensitive to mess with my sinuses. I loved how he smelled, it was a true scent of a man.  

As I approached him all I saw was his beautiful smile. He graced me with a succulent kiss and a “good night beautiful.” Butterflies. I actually felt butterflies.

“Good night handsome,” I said blushing. I don’t think the moon had anything on me, the way I was shining, grinning from ear to ear.  

I hopped up and held on to him while he started his bike.  I held on differently tonight and tighter. He was dressed in a white tee, don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a white tee. I could feel his curves on his chest, feeling them made me think about his sex. How he constantly took me to another place while fucking me. Was I falling in love with the dick? 

Probably. First time however, I needed to play this one off, quickly.  

The drive to his place wasn’t too long probably like 15 minutes, I was shocked that he lived so close to me. We pulled up to a house, not an apartment, not mansion big but I knew this nigga had some sort of money. I mean like white people, good credit money.  

“Ummm, this is your place?” I said in astonishment as I walked up to the door. After putting away his bike, he came towards me, held on to my waist and said, “Yes it is. Hopefully it could be our place some day.”

“I would love that, absolutely love that!” I said still staring at his home. By this time my mouth was dropping off my face as we walked through some glass doors.  While admiring his home my thoughts were disrupted by the rose petals laying all over the floor. They were every where, in the kitchen, in the living room area. The hallways, red roses literally covered his marble floors like a carpet.  

After taking off his jacket he came to me as I was stuck by the door with my mouth still to be picked off the floor. 

“MJ, can I have your jacket?” he asked. 

“Ummm, sure,” I said while attempting to take off my jacket.  

“James, you live here?” I had to ask.  

“Yes I do MJ,” he answered. 

“But why are the roses on your floors?” he laughed and responded. 

“It’s all for you of course MJ. All for you.” 

He held on to my face and kissed me again. Passionately. Taking the time to suck on my lips, sucking off my red lipstick. I didn’t mind though, his lips were worth it. He then held my hand and sat me on the floor where he had a blanket on his fur carpet. 

He kissed me again. He then poured me some wine, red, Melbec to be exact. How could he know me so well already? After pouring my glass he handed it to me and took off my shoes. I giggled like a school girl as he took the time to tickle me in my feet. 

“So I started to prep our meal for tonight already,” he said while getting up and heading to kitchen.  

“What are we having?” I asked.  

“Steak with a wine infused sauce and sauteed potatoes with veggies.”

My mouth began to water, I was hungry being that I ate since 3pm that afternoon. 

“Okay. Sounds delicious.”

His phone rang while I took my third sip of wine.

“Bring that for me please hon,” he said. 


I pounced up, glass in hand and took the phone to him. I wanted to hear who he has talking to but I had to make sure that this was actually his house. I looked around, I saw a picture of him and an older woman, they looked alike. I figured it was his Mother, their features were too similar for her not to be. I kept peeping and I then saw a picture of him as a baby, that I picked up. He was so cute as a baby, I giggled a bit. 

“Yeah, that’s me. And yes that’s my Mom,” he said while putting his phone down on the kitchen counter. 

“Come here.”

I walked over to him, he was now shirt-less. I guess the kitchen was too hot for him. Everything smelled great, I was in food heaven. The steak was already cooked and on plates, he was now cooking up his sauce.  

“Taste this,” he said while placing the spoon to my mouth. 

I did as he said. Gave a taste and licked my lips. 

“James this is fucking good,” I said while taking another sip of my wine.  

He laughed. He then went back to the stove and turned the flame low. 

“Does it have enough wine?” 

I laughed. 

“Maybe,” I said pouring myself more wine. 

I decided to then sit on his counter while he laughed at me and added more wine to his creation.

“Who taught you how to cook?” I asked.  

“My Mom,” he said while coming over to me. 

“Are you going to drink off all of the wine?”

“Maybe,” I said laughing.  

“Can I have some please?” he asked. 

“Nope. No drinking on the job,” I said while taking a sip and laughing. 

He laughed too. 

He then kissed me forcing me to spill most of my wine into his mouth. Some made its way in but the rest dripped down my chin. 

“I can get that,” he said before licking my face. 

He took his time to lick the corner of my mouth, then leading his way to my chin. He kept going across my face and then went down my neck.  

“There’s no wine there James.” 

“I know babe.”

He slowly kissed my neck. Taking his tongue down my skin. Moaning began. He stopped just to turn the stove off. 

He came back to me and looked in my eyes, seductively. I kissed him this time, more intensely. I began to bite his bottom lip, he begged me to stop. I believe that got him even more turned on. He continued where he left off, by my neck. He began to suck on my neck making me grip the back of his neck. My nails went into his skin, he bit me. 

I moaned. 

I inhaled and exhaled.  


He then pulled me off of the counter, he found my zipper and unzipped my jumpsuit. My breasts were exposed in his kitchen and I couldn’t be any more turned on.  My clothes dropped to the floor, no my panties didn’t as I didn’t wear anything. I was prepared. 

He lifted me up to the counter. He then got a spoon and dipped it in the sauce on the stove and touched my breast with it. 

“James!” I said in shock.  The spoon was hot. 

He didn’t waste any time, he licked every bit of it off of me. He then dipped the spoon in the pot again and pasted my nipples with it. They were hard this time around, the heat of the spoon made the hair on any inch of my body stand tall. He took my nipple into his mouth as a child does after birth. He was one with my nipples, he sucked. He tried to draw any milk I had out if I was going through lactation.  His tongue circled my areola, licking all of the sauce left right off. As he did it I looked down at him, staring deep into his eyes. Connecting with him as he sucked on me. I wanted to cum just from that alone but he wouldn’t let me. He switched it up, moving from one nipple over to the next. His tongue was out, he gently place it on my nipple and began to suck again. Licking off the sauce he cooked. His hands gripped my thighs, he pulled me closer to the edge and closer to him. He flicked my nipple while looking up at me. I wasn’t looking at him this time, I was too busy licking my lips and making my eyes roll into the back of my head. He was so sexy, I was ready to fuck but James was ready to eat. Eat me. 

He slowly stopped sucking on my breast and started kissing my chest. He slowly ran his tongue down my belly and unto my thigh. As he bit into me I sank my nails into him, I screamed out, he bit harder. My skin was hurting, I knew he was bitting hard. I didn’t mind the pain, my pussy got even wetter.  

“Spread your legs love.” 

I did as I was told. I took my time as I opened my legs to him. I kept looking deep into his eyes, grabbing my breast. 

He licked his lips. He then took his fingers and place them on my clit, they came back out soaked in my essence. He licked his fingers off.  Tasting me drove him crazy, I could tell, he got all of my cum off of his fingers. 

His head went down. One leg was up on the counter while the other was over his shoulder. My pussy began to run, he barely touched me but this is what he did to me. He made me wet.  Too wet to function. 

His tongue graced my clit, she welcomed him. He flicked her at a pace I enjoyed. 


He took his tongue and bathed her with it. Every bit of my cum was in his mouth, swollowed up by his tongue. I heard him swollow me, I moaned and pulled myself more to the edge of the counter. 

His tongue dipped into my pussy, he circled my entrance only just to tease me. I grabbed his head, forcing his pointed out tongue into my pussy. 

He wiggled it. 

He pulled it out and then pushed it back in. I pushed his head deep into my pussy, as if to give birth to him again. 

Moans filled the air. 

I screamed his name.

My pussy was on the menu and James was hungry. My legs were pushed out more, he lifted my leg up slightly off of the counter and he ate me. I mean he covered my clit with his tongue. I came harder, I began to run like a pipe. My pussy dripped down to my ass, he made sure he got even that. He then sucked on my clit. Flicking her. Sucking her. Pulling her into his mouth. 

He then bit me. 

“James!” I screamed. 

Pushing his head deeper unto my clit, I came. I began to move his head back and forth on my pussy. Thrusting his tongue into my pussy. 

He tongue fucked me.  

I even stopped to whine on his tongue. It was breathtaking. He held both legs up in his hands.  

James ate. I wondered how would he be able to eat the food after this but I quickly forgot about that as my clit was being sucked. With a vengeance. 

He sucked me with a vengeance. I guess I wasn’t cumming hard enough. That however made me cum so much more.

“Baby. I’m going to cum,” I moaned. 

“Cum on my face,” he responded while he tongue fucked me again.   

He took his fingers and my lips were spread so he could get to my pussy better. He licked every inch of my pussy. Licking up my cum. 

He then sucked vigirously on my clit. He made her so hard, I started to cum again.  My pussy pulsated. I was being sucked to my every delight. He lifted up my clit and pulled her into his mouth. 

I was drained.  

“Baby. That’s good,” I said pushing his head off of me. 

He didn’t stop just yet. He made sure to lick me dry.  I was cleaned well with his tongue. 

“You taste so good,” he said licking his lips while placing my legs down. 

“Are you ready to now eat what I have cooked for you?”

I laughed. Making sure I licked any bit of me left on his face, I just kept laughing.  

It was time to eat actual food, so he plated out the sauce with the steak. I sat on the carpet where I was drinking my wine, he brought my food over with a new bottle of wine and got a seat next to me after he got his. The steak was easy to cut like butter, it even tasted more delicious than I thought. 

“I am a chef,” he said while we ate. 

“I’ve been to culinary school and I’ve travel across this beautiful globe cooking everything. I enjoy this but I’ve decided to take a break.”

“Why?” I asked. 

“I needed to find myself again. I worked a 9-5 for basic pay just to be able for once make my Mother proud. I hated it.” 

“So I decided to quit. I felt so stifiled, as if I was drowning. I love food but I don’t want to work for anyone and cook it.” 

I saw so much passion in his eyes as he spoke. He meant what he said because it was the truth. 

“So where’s your Mother? No Father?” I asked. 

“Dad died years ago. Just before I was born, he got shot on the block.”

My eyes filled with pity as I looked at him. 

“Don’t do that MJ. That pity thing, I turned out good,” he said.  

“I’m sorry,” I said. 

“No, it’s okay. My Mom raised me well but I was just always a rebel. I wanted to rock this world. She wasn’t ready for that, God rest her soul.”

“How long ago she passed?” I asked. 

“Just about a year ago, that’s when I quit. She left everything to me. This house, the money. The cars and a letter. In that letter she said sorry. She asked that I live my life my way and I should stop listening to her crazy ass.”

He laughed. 

“Yeah she was crazy. Damn I miss her,” he said as he wiped his eyes. 

“Always hold on to her memories,” I said trying to comfort him.

“Thanks MJ,” he said softly.

“Are you enjoying your steak?” he asked while pouring out wine.  

“OMG! Yes James, your hands are blessed.”

We laughed and finished our meals. We had another glass of wine while we spoke more about his Mom. I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t realize that we didn’t even have sex yet. 

He pushed the plates aside and got closer to me.  He kissed me, he then took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom. There, more rose petals greeted me, the tub was also already filled with water. Candles were lit around the tub, it was so romantic. I didn’t want this night to end. 

He slowly undressed me again. 

“So after that feast I need to clean you.” 

He tied up my dreads and then lead me to the tub. The water was nice and warm. 

“Are you going to wash me?” I asked. 

“Yes of course. You just need to relax.”

He dropped his pants and got to the edge of the tub. After sitting down, he got the sponge and poured out some body wash on it.  He began at my breast, he then washed my arms, he took the time to even wash my arm pits. I laughed as he did, I was tickle-ish. My pussy needed to be wash but he needed to come in the tub for that. I pulled him, I then placed one leg up so that he could wash me good. 

“Please Daddy.”

He took the sponge and began moving it back and forth. Steady pace. 

I couldn’t wait any longer, I got in the tub and took off his boxer. 
“I want that dick baby,” I said while kissing him. “I want it now.” 

We kissed passionately. Continously, intensifing as we kept it going. I turned my back to him and leaned over the tub. His dick slid into my pussy. I moaned out his name as he bit me in my back. 


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